Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nature's Get Out of Jail Free Card

Yesterday was Mother's Day and hopefully you, at the very least, bought your mother a card. Did you go a bit further and bring her some flowers? At my church, all the mothers were given roses to honor them. They loved it.

Moms really do love flowers don't they? Can you remember picking weeds and bringing them to her as a child? You probably just made her heart melt with that gesture. And it didn't matter if it still had the roots and clumps of dirt still attached.

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FYI: Most women LOVE flowers. (in case you hadn't already figured that one out)Flowers represent everything beautiful. They are used to honor an individual like at an awards ceremony where the honoree receives her huge bouquet. They are used to decorate and brighten rooms (hospitals or home). They are given to console those sick or have lost someone close to them or to make up for something stupid you have done. Most of all, they show a woman that she is cared for.

Honestly, guys, flowers are the most simple way for you to "get in good" with a girl and to show you care about her. It's a very sweet and easy gesture that she will go crazy for. You can't go wrong with a single rose or a whole bouquet of daisies. (WARNING: slight caution is recommended. Do a little research ahead of time to A. make sure your girl is not allergic, and B. you know what type(s) of flowers she likes)

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Heed the above warning. If you get a girl a lily, and her deceased grandmother's name, who she was very close to, is Lily...well now you know why she just busted in to tears. Ok, Ok, that's a little extreme, but you should still want to find out what she likes. It just makes it that much more special to her. P.S. don't ask her directly. She will be expecting it then. You gotta make some effort. ;)

Oh! By the way, receiving flowers on special occasions is wonderful. BUT if you really want to impress, pick a flower (or purchase one) before a surprise visit, for no reason at all. She will ask what it's for, make sure you say: I just happened to be thinking about you. (gets us every time!)

A lot more could be said on this subject but I will stop there. Hope it helps. There better be some lucky ladies receiving random flowers soon!

Livin' & Lovin'


Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Application of Knowledge is Wisdom

FYI: Girls talk. They talk about everything. They talk in groups, one-on-one, in secret, and in public.They have to talk out their feelings, their diets, their issues, their triumphs, their goals and dreams, their fears and worries, their hobbies, their hang-ups, and especially their relationships. It's a well known fact that women say double the amount of words that men do in their lives.

The other day, during one of these countless talks with my girlfriends, I came to the realization that we women talk a lot about what we 'wish' our guys would do for us or with us. Things like where they would want to go out on a special date, or perfect gifts they would love, and the little things that would mean the most to them.

The problem is buddies, you guys are just clueless! And it doesn't help that you aren't very observant and catch on to our hinting. And we can't just come right out and tell you, cause then it doesn't count. But it's not entirely your fault either. I will be the first one to tell you that women can be fickle and we are forever changing our minds. Each one of us are different and have different tastes and expectations. So, we should cut you guys some slack right?

I do have to agree there. So that's exactly what I plan to do. In this blog I plan to give you guys a little heads up on what the chicas are saying about you. And girls, let me know if you agree or not on the things I post here. We aren't all the same but there are definitely some basic hints that we could give 'em right?

So stay tuned everyone for the first FYI post and the many to come after. I would love some feedback and hopefully constructive criticisms. Also, if you got questions, I'll get some answers!

Livin' & Lovin'